May 2018

A note from Media Arts Chair, Jessi Meliza:

Chicago spring is a vibrant, dynamic time. Every year, I expect lush greenery and bright flowers to be popping up by the beginning of April, leading to long, contemplative walks in a light jacket. These are expectations that can set one up for utter disappointment.

As of this publishing, this spring has hosted not just “showers,” but out-and-out snowfalls. Fluffy white accumulations cover flower beds and greenspaces. My heavy winter coat is slung on the back of my chair. Instead of falling into a full pit of despair, though, this year I am savoring a mug of hot chocolate and catching up on great books and a long list of streaming films.

Though my expectations were dashed, I think about the great creative work that is burrowing, gestating, slowly growing roots just below the surface, ready to spring forth with a moment of warm sun and still afternoons. Germinate brings you some of the incredible work by young creative people. Please enjoy viewing and reading these collected works that have sprouted and taken root on these virtual pages. Spring is here!


Student editors' note:

Germinate has been, in its past, a living, breathing part of our department, true to its name. It started out in print issues. As freshmen, we have all seen these old issues, from media artists long since graduated. In the recent past, Germinate has transitioned to the web, but still maintains the same values. In the previous issue, we were contributors. Now, we are editors. And though Germinate has endured many changes throughout its lifespan, at its core, it is still the same: students coming together to display good work.


Student Editors:

Finnegan Angelos
Golda Grais
Sarah Pazen
Dana Scott
Sofia Schwaiger

Faculty Advisor:

Sneza Zabic


Things to Remember - Dana Scott
Ruby & Barnaby - Mathilde Tobin
Milk - Rose Armstrong
Love of the Absence of - Zoë Love
Facing - Golda Grais
dande(lie)ons - Grace Nobles
After Kevin Young, Peter Gizzi, Susan Wheeler, Juliana Spahr Sofia Schwaiger
11:05 on a Wednesday night - Finnegan Alexander
Three A.M. - Mati Morrow
New Flesh - Mati Morrow
Wake Up Mom - Jackie Tang
Ending Beginnings - Dani Milito
Unfinished - Elliot Robinson
Days - Robert Conforit