March 2017

“What exists in our collected Media Arts subconscious to generate this word? Chosen by Academy students to represent their written work and images, germinate can simply imply growth. Looking closer and from a more holistic perspective, I begin to see other relationships emerge. Fertile grounds, proper care, sufficient light, root systems: metaphors extend, wildly.

Germinate holds a writer’s, filmmaker’s, and artist’s aspirations, providing the proper conditions for their expressions and visions.

Germinate nurtures our ethos."

—Fred Schill, Past Chair of the Media Arts Department at The Chicago Academy for the Arts

El Vaivén (excerpts) - short film by Pablo Monterrubio

Sucker Punch - short story by Sofia Schwaiger

Transliteration - short story by Caroline Kenworthy

Inside the Fishbowl - short film by Jamie Weiss and Nicole Mitchell

Haunted - animation by Emily Gay

Motel - poem by Sarah Pazen

Justus - short film by Jay Mason

La Planète - animation by Jackie Tang

Burial - short story by Golda Grais

Uncle Jonny Wins the Lottery - short story by Dana Scott

Last Words - short film by Jonathan Ziebarth

Mi Mounstrito - short film by Pablo Monterrubio

Selected Poems by Caroline Kenworthy

Filler - short film by Mati Morrow